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Our mission

We are recognized in the market for our ability to deliver, software Solutions merged in a single bouquet to comprehensively accomplish our clients overall IT needs.
We commit ourselves to achieve consistent reliability, efficiency and performance of our products & services related to Software & Networking products. We attempt to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through continuous feedback mechanism and continual improvement in Quality Management Systems.

Core goals


  • Ensure your application is always accessible for everyone.

  • Ceative custom designs and innovative user interfaces.

  • Deliver best user experience and quality projects.



What we are good at

Appslabz is a Software Development Company that provides effective solutions in web development,mobility and eCommerce. We are here to deliver a premium solutions for a wide range of business iall over the world. We are working with a wide range of valuable clients in our endeavour to provide them profitable and at the same time cost effectively. At Appslabz, we have an experienced and dedicated team of  professionals. Appslabz is your best choice for a wide range of  services. We are working closely in order to understand your business requirements and utilize the appropriate technology to get you the best solution for your bussiness or product.

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Some of our clients

Our clients include small to large publishers, agencies, ad networks and ad technology companies around the world.  We are incredibly proud of the diversity of clients and client solutions we have been able to provide.  Many of our client relationships have lasted several years and mulitple projects as true partnerships.
Bible Diary
Inner Urban Infraestate (P) Limited


  • I am thankful for Appslabz for taking my rough ideas, semi-formed dreams and hopes and combining them into a platform for my non-profit ministry. They worked hard to make it mine, rather than making mine fit into their pre-designed formula. Appslabz not only set-up my website, they patiently taught me how to do maintenance and updates in a way that someone who is ‘technically challenged’ like me could understand. Their patience was clearly visible as I gained confidence in this unknown territory. Appslabz held my hand through the entire process, and today, I feel quite tech-savvy! Thank you, Appslabz.
  • The staff at Appslabz  were delightful to work with as well as responsive and knowledgable. They brought my vision to life, providing great value for such a reasonable price. Their guidance and willingness to partner to get it just right are tremendously appreciated. I am so grateful for their help in fulfilling my dream for a web-based Hospital portal.I would recommend Appslabz to anybody looking for a stress free and individually catered service. As a long-term client we have found Appslabz to be consistently helpful, accurate and reliable.
    Asif Mohammed
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff and to comment you on behalf of Inner urban infra estate. For several years we struggled to make a impact using landscape of digital marketing for our construction company. Our struggles were in vain. Then we found Appslabz and things changed. I was put in charge of developing a new Web site and believe me, without you and your staffs help and expertise, I would have never been able to do it. I found you to be available, helpful and above all professional in all of our dealings.
    Mr. P.K. Chandra Shekar
    Inner urban infra estate
  • Being a Christian evangelist, I needed a website built. Appslabz took on the job and I have never had a complaint. They designed a website that has been viewed all over the word and I have been able to work with several pastors. I highly recommend their work to anyone who needs to get a message out. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
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